1. This EXIT CARD is a bit of a Graffiti Wall that Ms Mindy tried out with her small math class during revision.  She placed 4 questions on the whiteboard towards the end of class:1.What can I do well? 2. What am I still muddy about? 3. How do I improve? 4. What did I learn today?  Then she asked students to grab a coloured marker and write their thoughts on the board.  The result was a creative display of reflections–a Graffiti Wall.  Ms Mindy feels this worked well for a small class but noted that students were initially conscious about what to write and whether or not they would be judged.  She encouraged them to focus on what they felt they needed to do to prepare further, and not to be worried that it might be different than what others would write.  After some initial trepidation, they became quite excited about the activity and willingly posed for a picture in front of their ‘graffiti’.   Ms Mindy has also tried something similar with one of her larger classes where she had them write a “Letter to the Teacher” Exit Card, using the same four questions.  Both of these Exit Card approaches help to teach the student to take responsibility for their learning, reflect on where they are in their learning and where they need to be.  Very metacognitive as well!

    Creating a Graffiti wall in math class

    Creating a Graffiti wall in math class

  2. Ms Kalpanna’s Chemistry Exit CardsExit Card in Chemistry Class

exit chemistry burrito

exit chemistry burrito 1

exit chemistry burrito 2


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  1. We are implementing sharing chalkboards for AT: Culture Shift, a collaborative initiative designed to promote and engage users of active transportation across Renfrew County. One of the key goals of the project is to promote experiential learning where we play and work, not necessarily in a classroom. Very excited about the level of engagement. Have a look: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=457554684333919&set=a.249938838428839.57608.249922178430505&type=1&theater

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