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To Praise or NOT to Praise?

I raised four children and taught countless others doling out praise liberally in daily parenting and teaching exchanges–thinking that this would encourage the child to learn.  In the last few years however, I began to read a lot about the role … Continue reading

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THINK before you TWEET!

Everyone is tweeting and today’s TV networks and social shows are no exception.  They regularly invite audiences to tweet comments in an effort to offer engaging and interactive content.  Sounds innocent enough.  Unfortunately not everyone THINKs before they TWEET.  A … Continue reading

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Learning Mathematics is Fun, Interactive, and Open-ended!

I love being able to share engaging and effective teaching strategies that I come across–especially those that involve mathematics.  The activity described here is one that my sister used in her grade one classroom today and it effectively integrates cooperative learning, social interaction, … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Dr Seuss would be 111 years old today and while I won’t celebrate by eating green eggs and ham, I will pay tribute to this remarkable man by reflecting on the impact he has made. I could never take reading … Continue reading

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