Creative Teaching Techniques with Sekolah Sri Acmar

Sekola Sri Azmar116This past Saturday I had the pleasure of working with over 30 teachers (elementary and Sekola Sri Azmar11secondary) from Sekolah Sri Acmar at a professional development workshop we hosted at the college.  The teachers specifically asked for creative teaching strategies and so I decided to focus on one of the most powerful ways to be creative in the classroom: using cooperative learning techniques.

Sekola Sri Azmar49 Sekola Sri Azmar52 Sekola Sri Azmar29 Sekola Sri Azmar85

If anyone were to follow me around from workshop to workshop they would soon see a Sekola Sri Azmar66familiar pattern in spite of the fact that the content is different at each one.  I always have a three part lesson format to the workshop (a MINDS ON, an ACTION, and a CONSOLIDATION part).  This I inherited from my years in Ontario education.  Each part of the ‘lesson’ is filled with cooperative learning activities that engage the participants in the learning.  This is evident from the agenda that typically looks like this:


Another pattern to be noticed is that I ALWAYS begin with sharing of Learning Outcomes.  (Incidentally, I revisit those throughout the workshop and again at the very end of the workshop/lesson).

Sekola Sri Azmar44

The activities outlined in each of the three parts are all interactive activities that advance the learning for the participants.

Sekola Sri Azmar89 Sekola Sri Azmar93 Sekola Sri Azmar83Sekola Sri Azmar60 Sekola Sri Azmar96 Sekola Sri Azmar73 Sekola Sri Azmar53 Sekola Sri Azmar31

Since coming to Malaysia I have noticed that many teachers rely heavily on powerpoints Sekola Sri Azmar119for their lessons.  Far too often the powerpoints contain slide after slide of dense information that the teacher reads out to the students.  Talk about ‘Stand and Deliver’!  This is a hard habit to break and certainly cries out for ‘creative’ teaching techniques.  With just a little bit of work the dense powerpoint can be revised and Sekola Sri Azmar112energized with the infusion of cooperative learning activities such as indicated in the typical agenda above.  Students need these structured activities to pause and reflect on the new material, to mull the information around in their brains and figure out if it fits with what they already know about the topic.  It is this ‘mulling around in the brain’ that allows learning to happen (Fisher & Frey, Sekola Sri Azmar1102009).  Students also need opportunities to interact with their peers so that they can bounce ideas off of one another and challenge their own thinking in the process (Vygotsy, 1962).  You will note that the typical agenda includes both reflection and structured group activities to provide the necessary opportunities for learning to take place.

Sekola Sri Azmar43 Sekola Sri Azmar69 Sekola Sri Azmar79 Sekola Sri Azmar84 Sekola Sri Azmar18 Sekola Sri Azmar10 Sekola Sri Azmar46 Sekola Sri Azmar32Sekola Sri Azmar98 Sekola Sri Azmar90 Sekola Sri Azmar93 Sekola Sri Azmar63

In summary, one key to being a creative teacher is to rework boring lecture style presentations so that they are rich with several opportunities to reflect and to interact.  The pictures of the teachers from Sri Acmar, complete with smiles and giggles, are evidence of how engaging and relevant cooperative learning techniques can be.

Sekola Sri Azmar109 Sekola Sri Azmar13 Sekola Sri Azmar16 Sekola Sri Azmar07 Sekola Sri Azmar103 Sekola Sri Azmar102 Sekola Sri Azmar105


You may be interested in this Fisher and Frey (2010)  article, Building and Activating Background Knowledge, available  at


Strategies for Activating Prior knowledge at

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  1. I am not sure where you are getting your information, but good topic.

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    Thanks for fantastic info I was looking for this information for my mission.

    • ardenn says:

      I am a fervent reader of research. I read with conviction and reflection…always trying to relate it to my beliefs and situation. I do find Faculty Focus and Edutopia are two great organizations for keeping me abreast of current research. You can sign up for their free newsletter.

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