Learning with Popplets

A ‘Popplet’?  Sounds like a toy for a small child. Maybe a mini jack-in-the-box or something.  I was aware that one of our teachers was using popplets in her accounting class ever since she attended the 21CLHK conference in January.  She returned from the conference excited to share this new  resource and held a few sessions with colleagues to help them implement them in their classrooms.  But I must admit I hadn’t given the app much thought until I saw it in action yesterday during a class visitation.  The students were reviewing for the upcoming exams and were required to create a Popplet on their iPads to demonstrate their understanding of various accounting concepts. I watched  students engage in group discussions as they organized their thoughts into a shared Popplet.  This iPad app is perfect for exploring and recording ideas in a mind mapping format.  The students were clearly engaged in the learning–making a typically dull review session much more palatable and relevant.

I was so excited myself about this new learning that I downloaded Popplet Lite on my iPad during the class visitation and created my own Popplet.

Popplets in Ms Pun's Accounting class

Popplets in Ms Pun’s Accounting class


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